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Web Design in Surulere | Web Development in Surulere

I am a Surulere, Lagos based website designer and Drupal developer. I offer web design, web deveopment and digital marketing services.

Web Design | Web Development

Web Design in SurulereI offer web design services ranging from simple personal blogs to other kinds of websites for individuals, sites for companies and organisations including NGO's, sites for schools and churches, and multi-sites for large organisations and institutions who maintain a number of separate but inter-related sites (multi-site features will enable these organisations have a central control to manage a number of subsidiary sites, adding shared content and configurations across all sites when needed and also having dedicated content per site, sharing resources like some database tables and libraries across all sites when needed, having same look and feel across all sites when needed and yet the sites serve their dedicated purposes. This is good for a centralized and cost-effective management of the sites.)

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in SurulereI offer digital marketing services in Nigeria, this includes making existing and new websites discoverable on the internet mostly through web searches. Although we are based in Surulere, Lagos we maintain digital marketing clients from across Nigeria.

Highlights include:

A) Keyword research

B) Search Engine Optimization for site content

C) Content marketing

D) Google Analytics implementation and training

E) Newsletter implementation for email marketing

F) Paid PPC (paid to click) advertising with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others as your prefences dictate.

G) Training on SEO ethics

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My Web Projects Portfolio

Find links to some of my web projects.


Steps to Create your Website

Here are very easy steps to have me create your website in not more than 10 working days.


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