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I am a Drupal developer. I create websites using the critically-acclaimed Drupal content management system. Drupal is my choice of CMS because of its flexibility, scalability and security. I can build any type or form of website you might need using Drupal, however simplified or complex the project might be, from simple blogs to complex multisites..

Drupal Web Development in NigeriaHere are some of the reasons why I use Drupal,

1. Structured Content

With Drupal you do not just build pages but you create content with typed fields (field types), this makes for extreme flexibility and interoperability with external systems including Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs), Product Information Management systems (PIMs), Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) and mobile applications.

Drupal provides fine-grained content and user permissions that gives so much control in site management.

2. Some Really Really Powerful Functionalities

With extended taxonomy, content types, user roles and some really powerful modules like Views, Panels, Rules, Tokens, Fields and many others; and with Drupal 8 using the Views module for system pages including the frontpage and now making blocks and profiles to be fieldable entities, you have enormous site building power to draw on.

3. The Drupal API, Modules and Hook System

Drupal is a hybrid between a standard CMS and a very progressive Framework. With Drupal's implementation of hooks and callbacks through clever function naming convention, it hands the raw power of customization to its community. Drupal modules interact with each other through hooks and exposed APIs thereby providing a powerful architecture that offers an extemely flexible system because as a developer you can further extend available modules because of a unified coding standards, you will also find that many popular modules have lots of sub modules being other contributors extending the functionalities of existing modules. So we do not tell our clients, 'Well that's just the way Drupal does it.... live with it!' No. We tweak and extend the code and give our client exactly what he wants the way he wants it!

4. The Community

Drupal has a very large community that is very active, helpful, helping one another and filled with so much love for the code!

5. Developer Pay

Demand for Drupal developers is increasing globally and is going to keep increasing, judging by available pointers.


I am compiling more reasons.


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